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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

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Friday, February 27, 2015

"DIY" Family Worship Friday's - High Priest Aaron's Breast Piece

I am really excited to present a new series of blogs I will be calling "Family Worship Fridays". We will start this weeks series with one of my favorites from a few weeks ago to ease us all into this series.

One evening every week at 7 pm we have Family Worship. It's literally my favorite night of the week. This particular family night my hubby and I had planned a really fun family worship night. Usually my son is super excited about family worship, but we had admittedly gotten a little boring with it the past few weeks prior. The hubby and I talked about it realized we needed to make it more creative. Based off a recent post from one of my favorite websites, we found a great family worship projects to get us out of the boring rut we were in. This particular one was for a coloring page, which can be cut-out and stringed to learn about Aaron The High Priest's breast piece.

So I asked my son "Daddy will be home soon, do you want to help me get ready for family worship?" To my surprise (but I wasn't shocked), my son replied: "I don't want to do family worship tonight". Now being the unschooling momma that I am, I told him: "well I understand if you don't want too, but your daddy and I are still going to". So he continued to watch his cartoons and I laid out a blanket on the floor. "Mom what are you doing?" my son asked.  I answered: "I am getting ready for family worship sweetie. Do you know where your big bag of crayons are?"  He then said in a determined tone: "mom I will help you get ready!" He was in!!!
Our Family Worship Setup
Supplies Needed:
  • Coloring page of Aaron's Breast piece
  • Crayons or Markers
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Thread, yarn or string
  • A Chef hat or make your own like us: glitter, paper, cotton and a gallon size plastic zip lock bag. (we used what we had at home)
  • A Bible or read Bible Online HERE
  • A shirt and skirt or an apron
  • A large stick or wooden cane
  • 8X11 White piece of paper
  • tape
Directions for the breast piece are on the coloring page, along with scriptures to look up to find out about the different colors of the stones and what the breast piece represented. The only thing we added was we glued the breast piece onto a file folder and cut it out to make it more durable for wear. Allow our pictures to inspire you with your child's costume(s). To make the beard we cut it using the white 8X11 printer paper into a shape of a beard. and taped a string to the back of it.

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